The Dark Days Series Book 2

A personal message from the author:

Writing is a lost art to me. The world you create, the characters you develop, and the story you tell are something to truly behold. I didn't think that I would be an author at all when I was a kid but now I'm so happy I am. To create something through written words is amazing.

— Christopher Cole

In the midst of looking for sanctuary in the badlands, Sonny and his friends make it to Fort Gold Rush. A militarized city providing protection from the zombies and predators beyond its walls.

However, the military leaders recognize the city’s safety as a sanctuary is only temporary unless they train the next generation of defenders. It’s there that Sonny is introduced to Grim, an unlikely anti-hero who becomes the singularly most important influence in Sonny’s life. As he and his friends adapt to their new life, they are conscripted to train rigorously as the city’s soldiers and defenders in competing units.

This second installment in the Dark Days series shows there are significantly more lessons awaiting Sonny and his friends than just learning to be lethal fighters.

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