An Almost Forgotten Story from the American Revolutionary War with Educational Activities

Sarah's life in 18th century Massachusetts was adventurous from beginning to end. Not long after Sarah married her best friend, John, Britain's oppression in Boston came to a boiling point. She and John responded by joining forces with other Patriots who wanted freedom from England.

In 1775, General Washington arrived in Boston to lead the newly formed Continental Army against the British. Knowing it would be nearly impossible to push the redcoats out of Boston, Washington devised a plan. He would need a courageous courier. That search led the general to John. But when something unexpected happens on the night of the secret mission, Sarah volunteers to cross enemy lines in John's place.

This book is written for fifth graders, homeschoolers, or anyone studying American History and includes educational activities related to the Revolutionary War.

Ellen Chervenick is an artist and the author and illustrator of “Sarah Saves the Day”. She is a descendent of the real-life heroine, Sarah Bradlee Fulton, and created this book to preserve Sarah’s story.

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