Start a summer journey of self-growth and discovery with Say it with your eyes, where a European's adventure in the States turns every moment into a cherished memory.

My journey took me to America alongside fellow adventurers, united by a shared desire for summer experiences beyond the ordinary. The days may have passed swiftly, but the precious memories I gained will stay in my heart, perfectly tailored to fit within these pages.

Life has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it, and this summer was no exception. Living under one roof with people from different cultures, and long nights spent together can bring strangers closer than I expected. I can't imagine a better environment to get to know each other than the wild and wonderful West Virginia.

From moments of joy and love to the challenges of anger and disappointment, every emotion added depth to my journey, making the pleasant times even better. If I could relive these months, I wouldn't change a single moment. They were a perfect blend of happiness, love, and self-discovery, wrapped in the embrace of different cultures and perspectives.

So what if I found my deep desire so far from my home, and what if this unrevealed side of mine won't be easily accepted? Coming home after all that happened will mark a new beginning.

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Excerpt from Say It With Your Eyes © Copyright 2024 Patrik Muszka

August 20th (Saturday) – Day 75

In the morning, I woke up for work at 6:00 AM without any problems. No hangover, no dryness, no delays. Ah, that's what happens when you consume quality booze, right?! Thanks to the sponsor of the evening, Isla! Today, I worked with Taylor and was in a musical mood, so I packed my speaker, which played for us the whole shift. I must admit that it was much better to work to the rhythm.

After work, Jason and I went to his old cottage to take advantage of the space and especially considering the fact that no one was there. We took a shower together and then went to the bedroom. We sweated so much that I didn't even come out of the sauna as wet. Jason offered to take us shopping, so we had a Kroger trip together with Isla and Ty. They worked on Tuesday, so they couldn't go, and on Thursday, they were at a game again. Mostly, everyone bought food for the week and not for two. Ty bought the new sequel to Harry Potter, and Isla asked if she could read it too.

We returned, and the first thing we did was prepare a drink. We finished the last drops of yesterday's vodka, and today, we opened a less quality gin. Anita had enough after the first glass, and I drank certainly more than would be optimal. The evening continued with dancing on the tables with Isla, Natasha, and Jason, and our passionate kisses with him, which perhaps amused Natasha the most as she grinned enormously. It was nothing unusual, but after a while, the girls started kissing too. Yes, you read that right. Gin has its charm and grants you three wishes. Natasha's dream came true, and she could kiss Isla. The Slovaks certainly maintain their reputation, with me teaming up with a guy, Karin, who is always horny, and Isla completing our group. Eszter is now also among the mischievous ones, having just arrived with the married Zack. I don't know what Zack could have thought when he saw us, but he certainly gained an interesting view of our culture. Kids dancing in the rain on the table listening to the summer hit by Calvin Harris and Rihanna:

Lightning, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody's watching her
But she's looking at you, oh, oh
You, oh, oh, you, oh, oh

After it started raining heavily, we moved indoors, where I helped Eszter carry the mattresses into their living room, where they planned to have a sleepover with Zack. It was an amazing day, and Jason and I said it might be one of the best. I love such evenings spent with them. Isla wasn't usually so wild and free, but Umar worked long hours today, so she could afford it without unnecessary talks and restrictions. I want to repeat this day again, and that's why I'll read what I wrote and refresh these beautiful moments in my mind. Night-night, sleep tight!

August 21st (Sunday) – Day 76

I woke up at 8:15 AM, and compared to yesterday morning, this one was much harder. Yes, I overslept again and was supposed to start two hours ago. The sunlight piercing through the blinds was a clear signal that I was late. I glanced at the clock and jumped out of bed. F*CK! I quickly peeked out and saw Eszter and Zack approaching his car, so I asked them for a ride. I put on exactly what I wore yesterday, grabbed toiletries from the bathroom, and dashed out like lightning. I had an incredible hangover, but I didn't even have time to take a sip of water.

At work, I immediately ran into Kasper, and the first thing that crossed my mind was that he hadn't been home since yesterday, so I asked him what he was still doing there. He explained that he finished at 2:00 AM and started again at 8:00 AM today. He told me how he tried to wake me up, but I only responded, “Please leave me alone!” Anyway, the effort is appreciated, but I was probably still half-dead from last night. I drank about three glasses of water in a row. I met Eszter, and she told me that Zack's crazy woman was at our cabins again this morning when she came to pick up Zita, who, as I mentioned, also works at the bakery. However, she saw Zack's car parked next to the cabin. Drama! She wanted to go in, but Zita persuaded her that 5:00 AM is not the best time for a scene. Chef Meryl offered me cake at work, and a little later, I had scrambled eggs. Usually, when I have a hangover, I start eating around 4:00 PM. I've tried it before, but this time, I gave it a chance a bit earlier. Meryl's cake was really good. Heaven in a mouthful. But not for long. Everything came out, but at least I felt relieved. If I hadn't overslept, I would have finished at 2:00 PM, but I stayed because of what I missed this morning. Jason came for lunch, and then he stayed in the Lodge and settled in the lounge room with a beautiful piano, chess, computers, and leather armchairs. He had to write an essay for school, so he productively used the time while waiting for me. I brought him hot chocolate and dessert to make his work easier. I'm very happy to please him with anything, anytime; perhaps it brings me even more joy than him.

Then we went to my cabin. Zakir informed me that there would definitely be no overtime work on golf anymore. It's been definitively banned for everyone. We could only work there if we had less than 40 hours a week, but I got exactly 40. I emphasize only me and Maurice. Zakir was given only two working days, so the rest he could spend much more comfortably on golf. Lucky bstrd! My cabin was full of people, so we went to Jason's former one, where only Aaron was sitting in the living room. However, he went outside and acted as a guard for us, promising to let us know if anyone came. And we really used that time more than usefully. Aaah! Then we took a shower, and I asked Jason if I could go with him to his hometown. I didn't want him to leave me, and I had free time that I couldn't fill with overtime. His eyes immediately lit up, and he jumped into my arms. Yes, yes, yes!!! He was very happy about it, and besides, Kassidy has her birthday tomorrow. Kasper was really nice and will cover my Tuesday shift.

I packed my things, we got into the car, and as we left, I waved, hoping that these days would slow down, and I would return a bit later. On the way, we talked about ourselves, more about our childhood, then about our present, and about a possible shared future. The idea is that after finishing my bachelor's degree, I would move to America. I've always wanted to try my luck in the States, and you see, destiny is arranging it for me. When Jason asked about their future during his previous relationship, his ex always shrugged and didn't know how to react. We were very different in that regard. Although I don't know what will happen in a year, it's good to have at least preliminary plans.

Our first stop was at Kassidy's, where we had food that I brought from work. Justin was still in a bad mood about the whole family situation. I fell asleep on the couch on Jason's shoulder, and after a short nap, we went to his empty house. Let's get baked! The offer was accepted, and today it had an effect that relaxed the whole body, but in good places, so we enjoyed it even more than usual. All our tastes and other cells were satisfied! Never forget that if your day starts sh*tty, for example, as in my case with a terrible hangover, it can still end well with an amazing orrr…

August 22nd (Monday) – Day 77

Jason's classes started at 10:00 AM. The city, once empty during the holidays, was now bustling with students. I was amazed by their unusual mode of transport between buildings, reminiscent of a tram from the future. We entered one of the many buildings, and I sat in the hallway while Jason had his lecture. Time passed quickly, and during that hour, I observed students passing by. iPhones and head-phones were a must-have accessory.

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