A Sam McKay Novel

Failing to defuse a hostage situation, Sam's career is over. Back in Scotland, he meets an alluring woman on the run. Sparks fly, but can he save her?

Sampson is a Cleveland cop. Charged with defusing a hostage situation, he fails monumentally causing the death of VIP Brian Cairne. To make matters worse, he's also served with divorce papers. Disgraced and homeless, he returns to Scotland.

Liz just moved to Scotland from the US. Mysterious and alluring, there's more to her than meets the eye.

After a couple of chance encounters, Sam's curiosity and cop instincts are put on high alert. He can't ignore his gut or Liz anymore.

Liz, however, isn't looking to make a connection with anyone, but the tall and brooding Sam turns her plans upside down. Entangled, the attraction between them electric, Sam finds himself protecting her as she navigates her new life in Scotland.

Back in the states, Sam's faithful team uncovers a discrepancy with the Cairne murder and sets out to clear their former boss's name. Very quickly, the enterprise proves to be much more than they expected.

Suspenseful and romantic, Scot's Honor will have you on the edge of your seat from page one.

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