Landscapes Of Beyond Book 1

A personal message from the author:

This is a story that has been with me for a long time and it has evolved as I have.
My hope is that this type of fiction, anchored in natural beauty and spirituality can provide some enlightened escapism and respite from the rigours of daily life.
The lessons woven within speak to the emerging consciousness of this time so that the reader’s mind can wander in an edifying universe of light and love.

— Gary Kealy

Season Of The Blue Star takes place in the land of Calbura, a diverse landscape, rich in traditions, legends and vibrant with the energies of nature. It is a world where dragons are the ultimate symbol of spiritual development and are able to manifest on earth as spirit-guides. Ephemeral and rare, to witness one is an extraordinary gift. Affected by this energy, a select number of animals – Hybridia – and their human companions – Amalgams – use these enhanced abilities to improve the world around them.

The ancient order of the Scouts act as guardians of the land, protecting the wilderness however they can, endeavouring to reach a harmonious equilibrium with their environment and striving to prevent its exploitation. Gifted with the ability to perceive nature with astonishing clarity, Kyy transcends to a new level of awareness and skill when the dragons imbue his foal with the power of lightning. His path is that of the truth-seeker, a spiritual warrior destined to face an evil he cannot comprehend. He becomes a guiding force for Mother Earth and a power that, with his horse Shadow Star, cannot be contained.

Talim is beautiful girl with a mysterious past. Hailing from a lost civilization, she emerges into the world as a force for good but with a secret to hide. Bound in spirit to a great wind eagle, Arckea, she must balance allegiances, become a Storm Scout and confront the most powerful threat her land has ever encountered.

Ealdar Thoria is Kyy's grandfather and a renowned horse trainer. He has lived an eventful life, one that has given him incredible joy but also brought him to the depths of sadness. Now, with the emergence of his grandson as an extreme power in the world, he must do all he can to aid his kin while facing the demons of his past and present head-on. An evil that spans generations, in the form of a warrior known as the Phantom, now threatens peace. His power is frightening and diverse and his influence challenges Calbura's defenders in ways they cannot imagine. His appearance sets in motion a deadly chain of events that leads them to question everything, from their own beliefs to the very land they call home.

This is a journey of discovery of both the physical and metaphysical.  The story unfurls into a rich tapestry of rugged wilderness and complex mindscapes. Separated by great distances, the characters in this story are drawn irrevocably together. They must explore their land and question current paradigms if they are to succeed in their quest; but in the dualistic nature of the world, the lines between good and evil are obliterated and they must adjust and act in unexpected ways. Nascent powers must emerge and evil must be overcome but is it impossible to defeat something that exists within?

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