Each day is a lifetime. We're born in the morning, we live our lives through the day, and we die when sleep finally takes us away. Every day is birth and rebirth. On four days in one year, from waking to sleep, Tom and Kelley Deacon live four lifetimes.

They feel the tickle of cool breezes in Spring, try to survive the moist heat of Summer, watch the shadows lengthen in Autumn and withdraw into the cocoon of their beloved home, Marchland, under a blanket of snow in Winter. Tom and Kelley are eternal souls. They have been joined since the beginning of time, and will remain together until time loses all meaning. They have walked the sands of Ancient Egypt, lived in a hovel in Celtic Ireland, plowed fields on the Great Plains of the Old West and pushed street carts in Depression-era New York.

The wheel has turned, and the time has arrived for two souls to inhabit physical forms once again. Now, they live in a universe of their own making, Marchland, tucked away in the wilds of southwestern Virginia. Their devotion to one another is complete and unbreakable. Or, is it? Are their corners of their ancient spirits that remain hidden? What will happen to their endless connection when a light is shown in shadow-bound corners? Will they survive nagging revelations, or will the connection be broken? The denizens of the nearby town of Atkinsonville regard the Deacons with wariness and suspicion. They have their own secrets, which they guard with barriers of age and tradition. Can these simple people possibly accept two utterly unique beings living in their midst?

Does their complete love for one another remind them of something they might have lost, or never possessed? Seasons is the miracle of simplicity. The touch of a hand, the vision of a sleeping woman bathed in the morning sun, the scent of a Spring flower and the brush of a breeze across bare skin are all as glorious as the finest Renaissance painting. Seasons is all-encompassing love, when two people become nearly one. Seasons is a dream and a wish.


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