Affirming Poetry & Prose

Self Love Notes Book 2

Self Love Notes II is an inspirational collection of poems and prose that celebrates your intrinsic self-worth. It is a source of energy and light, a treasure trove of affirmations and meditations that will uplift you when you need to be reminded of your value and inner beauty.

Like a trusted friend who's always encouraging you, allow these words to uplift you when you want to feel that you are capable of anything.


Excerpt from Self Love Notes II © Copyright 2022 Michelle G. Stradford

When giving love
you expect nothing
in return.
This does not mean
you are willing
to sacrifice yourself
to be used up and burned.

Do Not Sacrifice

By Michelle G. Stradford

Do everything in your power
to remain upright.
When challenges knock you down
for the thousandth time,
stay in and fight.

The change happening
each time you fail
is forging you
into a dangerous weapon.

Dangerous Weapon

By Michelle G. Stradford

This pain will not become
venom on my tongue,
poisoning everything I taste,
putting at risk all I own,
making the bold choices
I dare to make feel wrong.

Even though I have been stung,
I heal the hurt with hope
until my high note is sung.

I pledge to shield my soul
from the bitter bite of life,
so my zest for living
reignites my internal fight,
growing me ever stronger.

At All Costs

By Michelle G. Stradford

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