Raj, a teenager from a remote village of Bihar with a very humble background falls in love with Sanjana in his first year of college and marries her at the age of 20 against the will of their parents and breaking all the false tradition of society in late 80’s. Both love birds become parents at age of 22. They struggle to make their both ends meet and finish their education and starts their career.

In a very dramatic circumstances after about six years of their marriage another girl Uravashi comes in the life of Raj and a Pythagorean Love triangle is formed between Raj, Sanjana and Urvashi. Sanjana plays a critical role to break this triangle and keep her family breaking away. With the grace of God Almighty and their own sincere efforts the lovebirds make a very successful career and lands in America with their two small daughters. Suddenly, during one of the journeys back in India Raj bumps into his high school crush Anamika who narrates him her side of the story.

At the age of 40, during a business trip to Denmark, Raj meets another girl Sahar and finds a different side of Love. By the age of 50, Raj became a very famous poet and one day gets a call from his high-school friend Kavita who used to secretly love him during school days. Through social media Raj suddenly finds Gauri who was his first crush in college, and he had felt the pain of a broken heart first time. In this way “Seven Colors of Love” is a rainbow of seven different experiences of Love which Raj goes through during this lifetime. But at the end the love conquers.

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