The Kraven Kronicles Book 1

A cruel grimdark fantasy tale of anti-hero redemption.

Drunk … Scoundrel … Thief … Vagabond … Fool … Reelum

Hangs has been called many things, and at one time or other has resembled them all. Reelum, however, knows a dark and terrible secret. A secret that delves right to the heart of Kraven city, the pulsing behemoth of trade, vice, power and corruption, the greater societal structures that governs all life and the true nature of the Cold-blood elements that pull the strings as occulted puppet-masters.

Sharrock is a grisly veteran from the harsh lands north of the Riven Expanse. He is a brutish man with a hard temper and harder reputation. A man of violence and vice, determined to drown the memories that haunt his dreams with whatever he can get his calloused hands on. When a business opportunity presents the seemingly simple task of locating Reelum Hangs and provide a solution to his money woes, Sharrock is set on a course that will forever alter both his life and that of August, a young girl who suddenly becomes his ward.

Huni and Tober are a pair of country lads recently arrived in Kraven city. Their wide-eyed optimism and faith in the kindness of strangers are put to the test as they struggle to find their way amidst the filth and corruption of the city, locate kin somewhere within the vastness of the heaving quarters and slums, and somehow carve out a new life for themselves.

Jiro Addison, thug, murderer, thief and leader of a vicious chapter of the street gang known as the old collective, has a plan. He wants nothing more than to claim the head seat of the collective, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Curate Myer, a recently initiated acolyte of the Accord, the sinister and powerful order that controls the lives of all, has been tasked with the same mission as Sharrock. He has been given the gift of knowledge, imbued with memories that are not his own, and equipped with whatever means necessary to get the job done.

Foul conspiracies which may threaten the very fabric of society, will be uncovered. Scores will be settled, violence and mayhem unleashed, bestial lusts unfettered to rampage without restraint. The notion of right and wrong, hero and villain, action and consequences will be forever skewed and tainted. Welcome to the Kraven Kronicles…


Excerpt from Shadow of the Winter Moon © Copyright 2022 Cam Sinclair


Bonded by Blood

By the bells that hurts!” hissed Huni, trying his best to keep the tears that welled in his eyes from
spilling out. The boy watched in growing horror as Tober, his longest and best friend of all, pulled a splinter the size of a large roofing nail from his forearm.

“Sorry,” Tober said as he manoeuvred the last of the wood out of his friend's flesh. The wound did not bleed, not even a little. It did, however, hurt like a bastard! Huni had to bite his lip to stop himself from wailing in pain.

“That was a cracker!” said Tober as he discarded the splinter.

“Humph,” Huni agreed, sucking at the nasty puncture. “I've had it with this place!”

“Aye, right,” scoffed Tober. “I hear those words tumble from your mouth at least once a week. You piss, moan, and sulk, but at the end of the day you're still here. Honestly, I'm sick of hearing it.”

“I mean it,” a blaze of anger flashed within Huni's green eyes. The crimson flush that blossomed upon his cheeks only highlighted the swathe of freckles that spread across his pale face. With an exasperated breath he blew at the shock of wild

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