Return of the African King

“I wrote this book because I felt compelled to share the immigrant experience with readers in ways that they may not have otherwise known. I wanted to humanize a highly politicized topic (immigration), and take the reader along the journey with 2 African princes who go from being the heirs to a $400 billion empire of Mansa Musa to just nameless immigrants in the US. Regardless of what your stance on this topic is, you'll be forever changed.”Momar Njai 

On the eve of the Malian king's announcement of a plan to help all in the nation prosper, his cunning brother commits an unspeakable act. With the Royal House Of Mansa in turmoil, Musa, the young heir to Africa's richest and most powerful dynasty, is forced to flee his home in fear for his life. What he finds beyond Mali's borders is a world that doesn't know and doesn't care that he was once part of a great country's wealthy and well-traveled elite. Stripped of all he holds dear including his identity, Musa seeks safe harbor amid a throng of equally imperiled migrants, vulnerable to smugglers, cons, and indifferent government organizations. To survive, he must reinvent himself, but at what cost to his sense of self?

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