A Basic Guide for How Life Works

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book to give others hope in that no matter their background or circumstance, they can proactively create the life they want; they don’t have to feel stuck in the role they think will please their family or society. I found this out the hard way by making a lot of mistakes growing up – some of them very painful – because I did not have the mental structure to build myself and make sense of my knowledge.

But, I also learned from those mistakes. I discovered a way to navigate my compass towards what I wanted. In doing so, I felt empowered to pursue my full potential. And now, I feel compelled to pay that insight forward – especially to women. I want this book to help them approach life through a lens of consciousnesses and of love, and to support them in becoming who they want to be, and not what they’re told to be.

— Penelope Morcillo

This practical guide will walk readers step-by-step through the process of self-discovery and enlightenment in ways that will empower and equip them to become better versions of themselves. It introduces a simple, yet powerful and unique method to help raise one’s consciousness and inspire a rebirth of who they are and who they are meant to be.

Offering new insights and self-help techniques based on ancient principles as well as “lessons learned” from the author’s own research and personal experiences, this book will equip readers with a new – and more holistic – perspective of themselves and their impact on those around them. The premise: How one views life is how one approaches life. Change the perspective, and you change the behaviors. Specifically, readers will:

  • Borrow the building blocks for your mental structure from ancient knowledge and become the winner of your life.
  • Learn the various levels of consciousness and how to continually increase their self-awareness and empowerment.
  • Receive mental, physical, spiritual and meditative techniques for overcoming daily life challenges
  • Understand how the mind, body and soul work together to influence views and behaviors
  • Create more positive thinking habits and behavioral patterns to transform themselves
  • Start designing their own life path towards personal fulfillment and happiness
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