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A personal message from the author:

Turn basic affordable ingredients into tasty snacks.

This book is ideal for anyone looking to re-balance their eating habits and get into better shape.

If you are following a training plan these recipes are balanced in carbs, protein and good fats so will compliment you in terms of energy and muscle growth, resulting in lowering body fat and also excess weight. By consuming the correct amounts of macronutrients you are giving your body exactly what it needs.

Fuelling your body properly with the correct balance of macronutrients is key to ensure your metabolism speed is good keeping excess body fat to a minimum and you in great shape!

There is no need for drastic diets or to be starving for hours to get results, its all about giving your body the correct balance throughout the day.

Use myfitnesspal App to keep track of your food intake based on your goals.

Following a healthy eating plan instead of a fad diet is the best way to achieve results and achieve long -term maintenance.

High protein recipes can be used for lunch/dinner/snacks.

Reason… help people struggling with balancing their food, new ideas & to help reduce excess weight.

— Julia Cammoile

Make clean eating enjoyable with my Simple Snacks Healthy Recipe Book

  • 30 Quick & Easy Simple to follow Healthy & Delicious Recipes
  • Myfitnesspal compatible – scan the barcodes straight into your MFP App to track your food intake
  • Full Nutritional Breakdown

Turn basic affordable ingredients into tasty snacks.
Its time to enjoy your food!

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