You are ready to change things in your life? Start with small things first, with low effort you will see a big impact in your life.

Keep always water on your table (at work and home)
60% of your body is water. You can prevent yourself from a lot of headache if you drink frequently water, because the blood easily get thick. If the glass or bottle is empty on your table, you should fill up or buy another bottle immediately, you should leave your table with full bottle.

Write “Thank you” instead of “Sincerely” or “Best regards” at the end of each e-mail
Never is enough to say Thank you to others, people tend to forget if they receive a favor, or help. By saying more frequently thank you, you relationships with others will change dramatically.

Read meaningful news in the morning (just some minutes)
One of my wisest tutor during my PhD told, that he reads meaningful news every morning (for him business and science were the favorite topics). Facebook and twitter is a good thing, but there is a lot of unimportant junk news among the posts. Submit your favorite sites into a newsreader (I use currently feedly) and enjoy posts that you interested in. P.S. do not hesitate add or delete sources.

Look into others eyes while you talking with them
This helps to keep better connection during the talk, and changes the relationship between you and your partner.

Be honest with yourself
I could not either really lie to your body, it always reflects what is inside. If you anxious, you can easily get a stomach ache, because your body reacts to your thoughts.

Write down your desires
Do not just wonder about your desires write them down, put them into reality (even if just on paper), but remember it is just the start. You have to seed all desires as you seed a plant still it grows into its real form.