Awakening the Dinosaur

How to Use Social Media Platforms. Where, What, and How… A Beginner’s Guide

A personal message from the author:

My goal is to save readers the time and energy of researching and gathering data on topics they want to learn about. My books provide as much information as possible on a single topic under one book cover, kind of a one stop shop. I hope that the information given in my books will answer your questions, and will provide a useful guidance.

— Daniel Zane Bryan

Social media is here to stay. This book will help you navigate through digital sites and platforms. You will be introduced to eleven of the most popular social media apps in ranking order. For each site you will learn what the application is and will be provided a quick user’s guide. By the time you are finished reading this reference guide, you will be more familiar with how to navigate your way around the various platforms and apps.

Currently, there are many websites and apps that are designed for various social media purposes. An example of one type of app is instant messaging. Instant messaging lets you share messages, videos, and photos — instantly. Some social media sites offer their users the ability to create content and share it with their network of friends and followers. While other social media networks, like TikTok, were created to optimize the sharing of videos and photos.

Humans have always been social creatures and through the ages have found ways to communicate with each other. That is how languages evolved, how communication devices such as the telegraph, telephone, postal services, right through to emails and smartphones came to be. Social media networks are the next phase of human communication in this new world filled with modern technology. Technology that is changing at an alarmingly rapid rate.

As technology changes and develops so do the applications that work on it. New social media networks and platforms are being developed all the time. This is how new trends are paving the way for the next big leap in the way humans communicate. Learning about social media today, how it works, and what platforms are being used for social media is your first step in making sure you keep up with the times.


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