Fast & Easy Speed Reading for Beginners How to Read Faster in 1 Hour!
(For Beginners, Techniques, Made Easy)

Personal message from the author:
“My Father was such a smart man and he always had a lot of great books at home in his library. As a young child I loved to read his books. As a result, I learned speed reading very young. When my own kids got into high-school and their school reading assignments became a bit daunting – I taught them in one day how to speed read – which helped cut down on their level of stress tremendously. I'd like to help others acquire this fantastic skill that has helped me for over 30 years. ”
— Camille Cowher

Become a Speed Reader Today!

This book is right for you if:

  • You want or need results fast
  • You like books that get straight to the point about what they are sharing
  • You would like to get your work or school assignments done faster
  • You don’t have time to read a 400 page book about what happens to the neurons in your brain when you are reading – and other mind numbing sh%*t like that.

You’re about to discover the no-nonsense, easy and practical strategies that will help you master the art of speed reading.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

  • This book will teach you Speed Reading techniques you can use today
  • Devour books in half the time it used to take
  • Get your school assignments finished on time
  • Tackle boring material quickly and easily
  • Learn how to fool your mind into going faster
  • Plus Speed reading hacks to help you keep improving your reading speed over two weeks
  • No frills, No FLUFF, Straight to the point information!
  • Appropriate for High School, College, and Professionals!

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