A self-help book written in drama format

A personal message from the author:

There is a need to create a bridge between research and practicality. I wanted to give people practical concepts they could utilize as tools to navigate situations while reading a fun story. I hope you pick it up and enjoy the read.

— Alphonso a Buie 

Marc used to be a successful force to be admired in the corporate offices of New York City and Real Estate Market in Philadelphia, PA. Trouble arrives in his life, and he loses everything of value to him. One day he decides to take charge of his string of situations and solve his problems. With the guidance of a great mentor and other individuals who inspire him, he learns how to effectively solve his dramatic situations.

This fictional short-story, inspired by real life events, teaches different concepts that can be utilized by anyone who wants to excel at managing themselves effectively in any professional and personal setting.

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