Four Basic Principles Needed if You Want a Lifetime Partner

A personal message from the author:

Every relationship is different. We all have different expectations. Many people make the right decisions when it comes to a partner; many people make the wrong decisions. When someone picks a partner, it is often based on just a few ingredients of the required mix. People never think of the entire mix and make sure all the ingredients are there. This is human nature. Do we really think our relationships out well? Many times, we think we do, but as time moves on, and as we change, so does the relationship. Will your current relationship still work in the future, or are you just living in the now?

— K.E. Martin

With over twenty years of married-life experience, I will answer the following key questions: How do couples stay together? And why do they fall apart? I’ve written about the 4 most important concepts that make a relationship work. Many wonder what exactly is wrong with their relationship, and others can’t figure out why it’s not working for them. There are also those who are not in a relationship, but they desire a lifetime partner.

Finding someone is a different matter. Finding the right person and having the relationship you want are the most important personal and emotional areas that are the building blocks for lifelong happiness.

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