What They Didn’t Tell You About Ba Zi Astrology

Does fate or free will determine the course of your life? What is the purpose of life? Why do only a handful of people in any given society could make it big? And, why do some successful people feel something is missing in their lives?

In Success without Fulfilment, author Au Yong Chee Tuck explores the gap between success and fulfillment while addressing the dichotomy between the theory and practice of Ba Zi astrology. He discusses that many Ba Zi students grasp the theoretical aspects of the subject, but they have difficulty applying the principles to practical situations.

Au Yong Chee Tuck examines how some of the Ba Zi theories work by examining the lives of several well-known people and tries to discern whether they enjoyed success without fulfillment or if they were fortunate to find satisfaction during their lifetime.


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