A personal message from the author:

I want to inspire our generation of young men and woman on turning our situations in life whether positive or negative, and to multiply it to our prosperity and abundance. Laura in “Sun-kissed” epitomizes that agenda through her triumphs in the most troubling moments in American history. Anything is possible with the right mindset in the given situation. Believe in your inner self. Do not be swayed by what's going on around you. The change starts with you.

— Darius Stephens

Explore the life of Laura Sun-kissed Jones, an impeccable woman who rose through the hardships and trials as an African American woman during the tide points in American history.

From the woman right's movement, striving through the Great Depression, battling through World War 2 and contributed to the freedom of all with the impact of the civil rights movement.Listen to the story she has to tell. A story that expands from dark to light in American history. A legacy to inspire the lives of the many generations after.


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