Discover Top Secret Protocols to Accessing God’s Kingdom, Anointing & High Calling

A personal message from the author:

I believe this book is historical in that no one has ever approached the Bible from the perspective of Security Clearances. God's kingdom is no different then kingdoms of this world and has secrets, locations and weaponry to protect.

–Vince Baker

God loves everyone but does not just allow anyone to access His anointing, confidential mysteries, or heavenly places. These are Top Secret and need a Supernatural Security Clearance to gain access. God’s kingdom is no different from any other kingdom because it also has secrets to protect. This book is designed to be a prophetic guide for any believer seeking to gain higher access to the anointing and the kingdom of God.

Discover answers to these questions:

  • What is a Supernatural Security Clearance?
  • What is the Selection Process?
  • How Do You Get the Lord to Be With You?
  • What is the Charge of the Lord?
  • How Did Elisha Access Elijah’s Mantle?
  • Why Did Christ Have to Be Tempted Three Times?
  • What Does it Require To Be a True Disciple of Jesus?
  • How Do You Access Kingdom of God Mysteries?

With over 30 years of prophetic hands-on training from God, Vince Baker brings a unique and timely perspective from the Word of God for the body of Christ. The Divine Revelations Vince has received from the Holy Spirit are destined to enlighten and encourage others.