A personal message from the author:

The main reason I wrote this story was for people in this world experiencing hardships and cancer, that no matter what, there is always Hope. A true story that takes place in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Mali West Africa, Egypt and the Philippines. At 40 and my first cancer, I was given a 40% chance of living 5 years. I decided to live and live I did.

— Robert Smith

In his debut book and memoir, Robert goes through his harrowing tale of surviving a life-threatening illness while also dealing with the loss of loved ones. Robert has successfully beat cancer, and in many ways that were the least of his accomplishments. It seems difficult times and challenges come at us in immense waves, and Robert’s story is no exception. Throughout the book, he details his journey and the choices he made to leave his comfort zone and press onwards.

His book takes us on an incredible and true journey of dealing with cancer and heartbreak in his forties, where he is diagnosed on his 40th birthday. This set him off on a journey that would forever uproot and change his life. In many ways, for the better. While obstacles thrown at us in life can be stressful and overwhelming, they can also define our choices for the better. The most inspiring stories are ones that are true, and Robert’s tale is nothing short of unique and incredible.

Through working and living in a foreign country, facing life challenges that were unprecedented and at times seemingly never-ending, Robert became humble and an overall better person. He shares his story here in order to connect with and inspire others going through difficult times to know that it is possible to overcome and become stronger because of it. Robert also experienced a natural disaster that felt metaphorically fitting to all else going on in his life at the time. In this powerfully moving and inspiring story, Robert comes out the other side stronger and more appreciative of how previous life and all our relationships in it are.


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