The Power of a Grandmothers's Love

A personal message from the author:
“My book was written to inspire individuals from all walks of life to conjure dreams, work tirelessly while pursuing them and adopt a Swift Enough To Endure adage to achieve them.”
— Dr. Andronica S.M. Handie

Every child has dreams and aspirations to achieve success.

However, making those dreams a reality can often seem far fetched and distant for some children due to the circumstances by which they were brought into this world. Due to what society deems as ideal or proper foundations for success many of today's youth are deterred from pursuing their goals. Faith, confidence and support are all factors which are integral in the ability of a child to realize their potential and transform dreams into reality.

“Swift Enough to Endure” delivers a compelling message to today's youth and adults alike that early less than favorable demographics have no determination on an individual's ability to pursue a destiny of success. This literary work chronicles the life of a little boy from the Delta who defied the odds and reached unimaginable educational goals through unwavering faith, confidence and support from his grandmother who raised him. It details the battles and struggles that the two of them encountered and overcame along the arduous journey to produce the present day Dr. Andronica S. M. Handie, Foot and Ankle Surgeon. The story navigates you through his early life as an infant and child in an impoverished sector of rural Arkansas. It then carries you through his years as an adolescent where he conjures a dream that would come to fruition in adulthood simply through The Power of a Grandmother's Love.

Through the telling and heartfelt accounts of his life Dr. Handie links the unrelenting love his grandmother provided him with to become steadfast on a quest for educational success. His life story epitomizes how unimaginable dreams of a child can be accomplished with love and an adage to remain “Swift Enough to Endure” the hardships along the voyage.

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