Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He was unusually fond of keeping reptiles in his home. He had kept many reptiles such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes etc. in his swimming pool. When her daughter attained the marriageable age, he decided to give a grand party and invited many people. Many people came to the party.

After all the people had their dinner, the rich man took them near his swimming pool. Showing his swimming pool, he said,

Rich Man: “Ladies and gentlemen, you all must be thinking the reason for bringing all of you near swimming pool. As you all can see, this pool is filled with many reptiles including dangerous creatures like crocodiles, snakes etc. If anyone of you dares to cross this pool by swimming to other side, I will reward him with a million of bucks and he will also marry my only daughter.”

Everyone looked at the swimming pool. It was filled with dangerous reptiles. Nobody was able to gather the courage to jump into it.

Suddenly, a splashing sound came. A young man was inside the swimming pool. The young man started swimming and saving himself from all the creatures, he reached the other side of the swimming pool.

Everyone was amazed to see the courageous young man completing such a difficult task. Even the rich man was very surprised to see the courage of the young man. He came near the young man and said,

Rich man: “Dear young man, how did you do all that! What do you want first? A million bucks or marriage with my daughter?”

The young man: “Before anything, who pushed me to the pool?…”

Written by: Alok Sinha, find the story on Spiritual Stories