A personal message from the author:

Poetry is not dead, and if anything its bigger than ever. I wanted to write my own version of modern day poetry that people of any age can relate too. We have the tendency to make simple things complicated. Because to us they are complicated…but usually it's all in the mind.

— Tye M.T. 

There is a time for us all when it seems like life is against us. We all experience the messed up nonsense that passes for our existence, as we try to reach the goals we set for ourselves or the success and happiness we desire.

So what do we do? We develop ways around the difficulties and strategies to make sure we get what we want, despite all the diversions and obstacles that are placed in our way, designed to hamper our progress.

This book of poetry, Tactics of The Mind by Tye M.T. is the perfect antidote for an imperfect world that can at times seem to be set against us and is indifferent to our needs or desires.

It is modern heavy lifting for the reader and the intellect…and not so much the power diet for the emotionally overweight and provides a daily dose of dealing with that messed up life thing we know as life.

These poems are written from a young mind, aimed at other young minds who are similarly searching for answers to increasingly complex questions about things that should really be quite simple.

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