SHAPE Your Digital Future Book 1

The 5 Essentials to Thrive in a New Digital World

A personal message from the author:

My ambition for writing this book was to provide five simple pillars used by global thought leaders and pioneers that, when applied, will help you and your teams become more relevant as we move into the next digital decade. This will help you to develop stronger soft skills and become more successful as automation, robots and AI ultimately remove the repetitive and mundane tasks in our working lives. Ultimately, it will help you build the right behaviours and even adopt a modern entrepreneurial spirit that will be vital to manage through the pivots, twists and turns in this new era.

–Julian Boram

Do you feel it’s getting harder to keep up with the rapidly shifting technologies impacting you or your business in this post COVID world? You’re not alone. In Taking the Robot out of the Human, business consultant and change agent Julian Boram offers a framework of 5 essential principles to help the modern business and finance executive successfully navigate disruption and thrive in the next AI fuelled era.

This ground-breaking framework for success has been developed in collaboration with thought leaders and pioneers from around the world, across a broad section of industries. Julian shows you step-by-step how to level up and become more effective.

  • Sharpen your skills with a continuous learning mindset
  • Build a human focus into your business model foundations as you embark on digitally evolving your business
  • Integrate long-term sustainable value into your strategy
  • Develop ecosystem thinking and look outside your traditional partnership models
  • Adopt a modern entrepreneurial mindset to better pivot with rapid change

Through case studies from multi-billion-dollar organizations and with checklists and worksheets to help you build your own capability, you’ll learn how to successfully stay ahead of the new sustainable technology curve.

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