Helping children understand more about their body and keeping it safe.

Sadly, millions of children are sexually abused every day by someone they know, love, and trust. Unfortunately, many of these precious, innocent, little ones will never disclose the horrible crimes being committed against them. “Why is this?” you may ask. To name just a few reasons: The child may be afraid of their abuser, embarrassed, or worst of all, the child may feel as though these acts of violations are normal because they began before he or she could even walk or speak. But with your help, we can protect one child at a time from sexual abuse…. starting with Yours!

“Teach Me…. Safe Touch. Don’t Touch!” was written and audibly designed with children’s voices, to easily teach your child at an incredibly early age, about the right and wrong ways or places to be touched by a predator before things progress. It contains safe, child friendly illustrations and information in which you can communicate to your precious little one.


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