Last time when I was in Rhodos (Greece), a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, there was important lesson that should be learned during the travel.


In the Greece culture there is a strong root of the value “temperance”. There are a lot of crafts in Rhodes who are making incredible clay pots. In one of the craft workshop, an old man told, that there is an interesting mug that were really popular in the old times in Greece. It is called the Mug of Temperance, because as you started to pour wine in the mug, the mug worked as a normal mug, you can drink from it, and nothing happened.

The interesting part started when you put more and more wine in it. There was a slight stripe in the mug that showed a limit, if you put more wine in the mug as it should contain, the wine suddenly flow out at the bottom of the mug. The old man said usually in the old times, when somebody get drunk and wanted to put too much wine in the mug, the mug hold the control by simple disagree with the too much wine.


Nowadays our culture is called consumer society, where more is better. However our best experiences  was not those where we eat or drink so much, but those that are fully with emotions, attention, beauty and excitement.