Unique Strategies for Relentless Transformation with Behind the Scene Perspective from The Coach's Wife

Change has been the primary theme of Penni Graham's life. In Tenacious, she shares stories and lessons of how her and her husband, Coach Todd Graham, infused programs, people and places with transformation cultures that are about winning in all facets of life, including their own. Penni's lessons are filled with authentic pain and passion that teach the reader to overcome, adapt and accelerate their personal and professional lives.

In Tenacious, Penni describes how their lives went from omission to a commission to make a difference in others' lives. Both born with little hope, we learn how they achieved the American Dream, by applying the strategies and plans outlined.

As the coach's wife, Penni gives you a unique view of living in the arena. How it can create new challenges and adversity in many aspects of life. And a behind the scene's look at college football shows you how you can learn from its challenges and champions. “The Graham Plan” gives the reader a road map to change their world from striving to thriving.

Personal message from the author:
“Tenacious is a learning story, by providing deep look the our lives on and off the field.. Tenacious examines the concept of change, we all experience, whether it is positive or negative. To equip reader most fully, the book is full of interesting, funny and heartfelt examples and personal stories of change learned from football, failure, faith, family and friends and resources and tools that will make you a champion of change.”
— Penni Leigh Graham

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