The human population is in decline and a program is established to create perfect soulmate matches.

In the year 2119, a catastrophic population decline ensues when a widely used vaccine renders individuals sterile. By 2150, the future of humanity hinges on Armachez Inc.'s groundbreaking initiative: “The Whole Seven Floors.” This highly regulated program, implemented at 4S compounds across the globe, mandates a DNA-matching process to pair individuals for procreation, labor, and sustaining family lineages. Participants embark on a seven-floor interactive journey, seeking their ideal matches amid a complex societal framework that blends personal choice with genetic compatibility.

Amid this backdrop, an insecure young man, riddled with self-doubt, enters the program with a mix of hope and trepidation. As he progresses through the seven floors, he encounters a diverse group of individuals, each struggling with their own fears and desires. Bonds of friendship form, ethical quandaries emerge, and love stories develop, all within the constraints of the structured environment. Through navigating these personal and collective challenges, he must confront his insecurities and decide whether he can find his place—and a partner—in a world where human connection is crucial for survival.

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Excerpt from The 4S Project: Floor One by Marshall Armstrong © Copyright 2024 Marshall Armstrong


In the year 2119 the human race started a massive decline in population. Dufily Pharmaceuticals created a vaccine that renders an individual completely sterile. This inoculation works on both males and females. The drug became so widespread that almost every person between the ages of 18 and 57 has opted to take the vaccine. This has made the search for individuals capable and willing to have kids a worldwide endeavor.

In 2150, Armachez Inc. created the world-wide accepted, and highly encouraged, process of matching up individuals into pairs for propagation, work, and family lineage. This process is known as the 4S Project. This is commonly referred to as “The Whole Seven Floors.” This is done through a seven-floor interactive program where participants take part in emotional, mental, and psychological exercises to determine who is one’s best match. This program takes place at one of the many 4S compounds. It was deemed the most efficient process with the highest possibility of couples reproducing to ensure the human race continues.

Every year, individuals who volunteer to participate in the program are brought to a 4S compound. These individuals are met outside building number one by the Armachez holographic representative and taken through the introduction process. The rules are explained by the holographic representative before participants are allowed into their first floor.


Now in the year 2169, the 4S Project is the only publicly recognized way to find a match. In order for a participant to be accepted into the program, he or she must complete a DNA mapping requirement. This ensures matched couples are completely compatible.

There are multiple 4S compounds, each 4S compound may house several campuses depending on the size of the city. This ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate. In some of the more rural areas, there is only one campus within the 4S compound. There are four buildings in each compound.

The buildings on the compound are divided up by utility. Buildings one and two are for the individuals that apply to the process and are accepted. Here, the seven-floor process that takes several months is completed. The exact required time to completion is based on the progress of the participant’s group and is determined by the multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) programs watching the participants. The participants are sent to either building one or building two based on their past actions and current DNA results.

Building three is for those individuals who request to be released from the process or are disqualified from the process due to inadequacies found in the DNA mapping, this may include the inability to have children. Individuals in building three are still matched and sent to the workforce. Instead of having children, they are put on a waiting list to adopt children who become orphans.

Building four is where the “Regulators” work. The Regulators are those who watch the participants, enforce the rules, and administer tests. Building four also contains the IT mainframe and the compound’s Bio-Cyber network collectively known as “EYECom.”

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