Message from the author:
“Stories originate from my heart their journey continues through my pen their final journey is to warm the hearts of children and pet lovers of the world.”
–Terry E Gunn

This is the incredible tale of Klaus Von Dog, the happy Schnauzer. Ever wonder what adventures a dog has in a day? Meet Klaus, a miniature schnauzer dog. From the challenge of trying to catch the neighborhood squirrel to doing tricks for a treat. He grabs his leash and he is off to explore the neighborhood. Out on their walks, the two set off to the park for a game of catch, play with other dog friends, and then for a game of hide and seek. At the end of a busy day, Klaus is ready for sleep. And like most dogs, he falls fast asleep to do it all again the next day.

The Adventures of Klaus, the Happy Schnauzer is a wonderful picture book that goes through the typical day of a beloved dog. Children are taken through dog-oriented activities paralleling a similar day for a preschooler with waking up, eating breakfast, playing, meeting friends and going to sleep. This would make a great read-aloud to settle down with any youngster before bed. “Let’s hear about Klaus’s Day?” This could be an easy question to motivate a child to sit and get ready for bed every night. With this book, you can review the toddlers’ day, relax and, like Klaus, prepare for sleep. This will be a favorite bedtime read-aloud many times over.

This book is dedicated to the nephews who always make me laugh Jonathan and Jordan and little Dominic too. Grab a leash and let's explore. Here is a sneak peek: Hey Mr. Parker, how do you do? Can I smell your shoe before I boo-ga-loo? I am off to the park before it gets dark. Good day, Mr. Parka, Too-DA-loo!


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