Say hello to Peggy Spaghetti, a fun-loving little girl who loves to explore and learn new things. Her hair, name, and favorite food all have one thing in common: spaghetti! Come join her on her many adventures.

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Carey began his career as an author by writing music for local artists, so working with words has always been second nature. During his stay at Inter-Faith, he wrote a story for his children about a day in the life of a single father and his little girl, who loves spaghetti. When he read them the story, the kids wanted more, including pictures! He realized he had something here: “if my kids liked it, others might like it too.”

It wasn’t easy for Carey, a writer at heart, to put on his businessman’s hat and figure out independently how to get the book published, but he persevered. He hired a student from Arcadia University, who provided illustrations, and found a publisher. “The Adventures of Peggy Spaghetti” originally came out in 2016 and was relaunched in 2018 as a book series, with a new website, new merch, a theme song on iTunes, and a sequel, “Friends to the End,” which is scheduled to be published in September under Carey’s own brand, “Christopher Carey LLC.”

The new book has an important message for kids about manners, and the proper way to treat others who are different from them. “My grandma raised me to know that kindness makes the world go ‘round, and I thoroughly believe it can take you anywhere.”

Carey hopes his story inspires others facing difficult situations. “I made it this far,” he says, learning and managing at different stages of parenthood. “And I’m gonna keep on going.”

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