How to Regain Mind Control Through Mind Management to Get the Mind on Track With Mental Fitness to Stop the Mind Wondering so You Can Mind Your Business

A personal message from the author:

I think we are in dangerous, and scary times because I believe it's a topic that is talked about a lot, loads of fancy posters and adverts but not seriously looked out with an enormous amount of work to still do.

With that said, there are many fantastic organisations and charities out there that are self-funded and rely on donations. This for me is the major problem, and why I say it's not focused on enough.

After suffering a mental breakdown myself, so many people don't know even those closest to me.
Because here's the thing I didn't realize myself until it hit me and I was in a dark place, once I was in the dark place I didn't want to share it with anybody, out of fear and embarrassment.

After many counseling sessions and countless conversations with my wife (I was lucky enough to have someone by my side the whole journey), I managed to regain control of my mind.

It was the scariest but also the biggest lesson of my life to escape ‘The Almost Broken Mind'

— Benjoy Brown

Do you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Are you trying to get rid of unhealthy habits and destructive thought patterns?

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed by the war that rages in your mind can lead to an off-track daily life, anxiety, and depression.

It’s time to overcome the thought spirals, worries, and fears keeping you imprisoned.

This book will help you take control of your mind and provide steps to stay on track. Through mind management techniques and training, you can sharpen your mind, become mentally fit, and build healthy habits to transform your life.

Inside The Almost Broken Mind, learn:

  • How to stop your mind from wandering
  • Strategies to overcome overthinking
  • How to manage your mental triggers
  • To transform your negative thoughts into positive ones
  • How to build healthy mental habits
  • And more!

When you change the way you think and act you can change the way you live. This book will show you that living a more controlled and happier life is possible when you have techniques in place to manage your mind.

Don’t miss what’s special and unique about today because you’re trapped in your mind.


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