The Rystarr Saga The Weapons of Power Book One

In the hollow world of Rystarr, a new millennia draws near as The Bursting soon approaches. The weapons of power have been kept hidden, their locations unknown. Together, and only together, the three weapons are the only implements powerful enough to stop the cataclysmic event from occurring yet again.

Brought together by their Godly lineage, ten unlikely heroes are thrusted into a multi-millennia long family skirmish. United, they embark on a grand quest in search of the weapons of power, facing many challenges brought forth from their enemy, Arrôz, The God of Evil.

Will the heroes locate all three of the weapons before disaster strikes Rystarr, leaving it and the surrounding planes in ruins once more? The world has ten powerful demigods on its side, providing they can learn to work together, setting aside personal ambitions and animosity. Will they succeed? The whole of the multiverse waits to see.


Read online The Arbalest of Gamaliel by J.R. Thorpe

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