In a world and time when we as humans fail to see the level of interconnectedness that exists between ourselves and every other thing at large, we tend to miss out on a lot of things and misconstrue life’s true meaning and intent for us and our ordeals.

When this happens, confusion, ignorance and different levels or degrees of unsteadiness and upheaval become the order of the day.

In lieu of attaining that perfect or near-perfect state of bliss, peace, fulfillment and the likes, this book has taken the time to dissect “Mindfulness” and its “practices,” in relation to how they affect us from different facets of life; psychological, scientifically, philosophical, mental and so on.

This book takes us on a journey through our body, mind, and soul as interwoven concepts that can be assisted through daily challenges by various Mindfulness practices. The practices and teachings in this book, vetted by professionals from all works of life, are bound to grant you that life-changing concept you have always admired, but yet, continue to miss out on.

Follow the teaching, drink from the wealth of knowledge provided by buddhist, sufism, scientific, philosophical and psychological teachings meant to assist you in connecting with every aspect of your being and living as one with yourself even in the face of challenges.


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