A Guide to Remembering Rules of Reality

Keenan Spencer (Illustrator)

Want to take control of your life and find out how to deal with reality?

Life is not a straight path. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter obstacles and challenges that will test your character and conviction. You are constantly bombarded by chaos and clamor, which can cloud your judgment and impede your reasoning.

The world’s noise has taken away your mind’s innate power, and all the distractions you fixate on are holding you back. Think about all the things you can achieve if only you had a clear mind and a more grounded self.

Master yourself and the world with The Art of Interpretation: A Guide to Remembering Rules of Reality!

Nima Khalilian takes you on a much-needed exodus to the realms of your inner being and the world’s ever-changing paradigms. This book provides a helpful and accurate narrative on the fundamental concepts of reality and the unlocking of your beautiful mind’s hidden potential.

Without awareness, you are forced to think how the world wants you to think. With Nima’s guidebook, you’ll discover the art and science of your mind’s raw power and how to weave it into your life.

Embark on an intellectual, emotional, and psychological adventure where you’re the captain while the book is the navigator. Take this rare opportunity to make meaning on the rules of reality and learn how to bend them in your favor.

Inside this book you’ll encounter:
✅ Inspirational insights on the power of choice. Suitable for ages 13 and up.
✅ A sensible blueprint of how rules are set by society and how to use them to propel you further in life.
✅ A conversational and friendly dialogue with a seasoned expert on self-discipline, rules of success, and the power lying dormant inside you.


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