A personal message from the author:

I’ve always loved crime stories, but have been left wondering what happens next. They feature these wonderful rise and fall arcs, from Walter White breaking bad, to Henry Hill joining and ultimately betraying the mob in Goodfellas. The Ballad of John Bondi takes place after a rise and fall arc. A drug running and extortion empire has just fallen, its leader is dead. Now what? Something had to come next, and what came next was The Ballad of John Bondi.

— Matthew Kruelle 

The king of northern Arizona is dead. The hunt for his treasure is on.

It has been over a century since the end of the wild wild west, but Northern Arizona held on to its lawless roots. For years the crime ridden expanse of rolling forest, desert plains, and deep canyons have been under the purview of one ruler. Last week news spread that not only was the king dead, but that he hid his treasures in a vault somewhere along Route 66.

Rumor has it that John Bondi knows how to get the dead king's treasure. Every lawless bandit in the state wants a piece of it, and Bondi just wants to survive.

The hunt is on. Who will win?


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