It doesn't matter what you did. You're here now. We'll start with that.

— Bob Seay

Angel is a football player who literally stumbles into trouble with the police. Rejected by his coach and teammates, Angel finds new solace in the band room and must form new relationships with people who don’t look like him, don’t think like him, and don't act like anyone he's ever known.

Life at home isn’t much better. His mother’s increasingly erratic behavior has turned her into someone Angel no longer recognizes. Will he rescue her before it’s too late?

Set in modern day, with path-changing decisions made in light of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, this book is timely and extremely relatable for current high school students learning to navigate adulthood in turbulent and unknown times. Learn to stand up for what you believe in and stand with others when you need to. The Band Room is a snow globe depiction of America in a time when tribalism, anger, and hate collide with diversity, acceptance, and compassion.

It is a love letter to band and choir students everywhere.


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