Technology is an excellent topic to tackle these days. In this world full of endless innovations, we have to familiarize ourselves with how our modern machines are working. Thankfully, there are people out there who are dedicated to informing us about everything related to artificial intelligence (AI). If you are interested in this particular field, here are some of the best AI and robot audiobooks in 2020 you can listen to.

Sex, Race, and Robots: How to Be Human in the Age of AI, by Dr. Ayanna Howard

Movies and TV shows have given us terrifying ideas of robots and AI. Although we cannot see deadly robots and post-apocalyptic scenarios in our age, thinking machines are being used for personal interests, and it is ruining the societal justice system of our world.

In Sex, Race, and Robots, Dr. Ayanna Howard (Roboticist) tackles issues such as sexism and racism being implemented in this generation’s AI technology. By focusing on these topics, she wants to make sure that people of all kinds can take advantage of technology in a way that will benefit us all. From the manufacturing process to actual applications, you will learn a lot from this audiobook. Let's find out what an unbiased future could look like!

2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity, by John C. Lennox

We are often blinded by fake ideas of the future, especially with all these films going on around. In 2084, John C. Lennox introduced a whole new world of ideas that are possibly waiting for us. It does not matter if you know a lot about AI and technology. Just by listening to this audiobook, you will get the right amount of knowledge you will need to survive in the technological age.

The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity, by Jason Thacker

People are often scared of artificial intelligence these days. They are afraid that robots might take charge of their jobs, or worse, take over their whole lives. In this age full of technological innovations, intelligent voice commands, and subtle day-to-day upgrades, you can definitely say that we are in The Age of AI. Listen to this audiobook to apply the proper lifestyle in this digital age, and more importantly, how to apply the word of God in the midst of confusing times.

Together: AI and Human. On the Same Side, by Zoltan Andrejkovics

The author clearly states in this book, that the positive future is where AI and Humans are “on the same side”. There is no need to fight against technology, and it makes no sense to nurture biases. We need to understand the limits of AI and understand how we can work together.

The book basically answers the most common questions ordinary people would ask about AI. He emphasizes the importance of AI ethics and demolishes some common myth connected to the capabilities of AI. The author also offers visions to the readers in order to pioneer how life could look like in the future.

Analytics of Life: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, by Mert Damlapinar

If you would like to have a simple understanding of AI and data analytics, this audiobook written by Mert Damlapinar can effectively guide you in this process. Here, you will have a deeper understanding of AI’s numerous stages, its risks, and of course, the exceptional benefits. By listening to this audiobook, you will be able to look at modern technology in a way that you could professionally use, whether you are a business owner or a day-to-day employee.

You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How Artificial Intelligence Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place, by Janelle Shane

It is no secret that artificial intelligences are a big part of our lives now. From the functions of our mobile phones to weird talking furniture, we encounter AI on a daily basis. In You Look Like a Thing and I Love You, Janelle Shane hilariously explores the connection of humanity and technology. She explains our usage of these things today, and how they would affect our lives in the near future.

It does not matter if you have extensive knowledge when it comes to this topic, because the audiobook is written in a way that will guide you thoroughly. From fun topics to noteworthy discussions, you will get to understand artificial intelligence in a way that is not available for everyone. If you are feeling like you should study more in this field, then this is the best book to begin with. It has everything you need to know about AI topics, and it is quite entertaining to read!

Artificial Intelligence: From Medieval Robots to Neural Networks, by Clifford A. Pickover

AI has been a major part of our world ever since they began, and most of us do not even know how they came here in the first place. In this audiobook by Clifford A. Pickover, you will get an extensive lesson about the history of AI and how it affects our lives. Pickover explains the various applications of artificial intelligence when it comes to medicine, computing, mythology, pop culture, and all that, and how it will affect (and possibly threaten) our way of life in this world. With an entertaining and informative outlook, you will definitely get the most out of this amazing audiobook.

Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust, by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis

Both of them leading in the field of robotics, Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis introduced a productive outlook in terms of using artificial intelligence with the help of this audiobook. They explain the difficulty of creating an AI that could possibly exceed the level of human thinking. Of course, this would mean that those movies have been lying to us all along, but these two geniuses are determined in pushing their research to the next level.

Using the real world’s ideas combined with the complexity of the human mind, Davis and Marcus carefully explained the steps we can take to improve our modern AI. Of course, it is important to take note that we should be wise about this. Although it may seem irrational, overpowering machines are possible in the future. That is why this audiobook is here – to give you a systematic approach in dealing with the right ideas to create a remarkable outcome.

The Creativity Code: Art and Innovation in the Age of AI, by Marcus du Sautoy

Machines or artificial intelligences can do a lot these days. They can tell you where to go via GPS, they can recommend songs or videos for you, or maybe show you a recipe of a meal you would like to cook. With all these numerous capabilities, can machines possibly overpower us and take over our lifestyle? That is the main topic of Marcus du Sautoy’s The Creativity Code.

In The Creativity Code, du Sautoy explains the creative capabilities of machines and other artificial intelligences. Since numerous applications can copy artistic references with a simple push of a button, is it possible that they can create independent ideas by themselves? In this audiobook, you will be able to explore the complicated features of these things, all of which are thoroughly explained by Marcus du Sautoy’s genius.

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners: All You Have to Know About the Potential of AI in the Future, Techniques to Mimic Human Behavior, Deep Learning, NLP Algorithms and Internet of Things, by Travis Goleman

If you still do not have a complete idea of what artificial intelligence is all about, then this audiobook is an excellent choice for your curious mind. Focusing on the general explanations of AI to more in-depth topics concerning them, Travis Goleman thoroughly discusses everything you need to know about these technological innovations.

Of course, you do not need to understand AI in a focused manner. However, if you are a professional in this field, then this might actually help you discover some things that you did not know yet. The contents of this audiobook is designed to turn your knowledge into practical applications, and how you could do it to avoid possible complications that may arise.

Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines, by Olaf Groth and Mark Nitzberg

Since thinking machines are a big part of our lives today, some of us are actually relying on them rather than on ourselves. Just with our mobile phones alone, we can see artificial intelligences working by suggesting websites that we might be interested in. Aside from that, you can see these things within companies and businesses, assisting managers and the owners in running everything.

Of course, despite everything good about these things, we still have to think about their benefits and pitfalls. Are we even sure that they will be good for us in the long run, or are we creating the very reason for our downfall in the future? In Solomon’s Code, Groth and Nitzberg explained the importance of being smart in terms of using artificial intelligence. Aside from that, we will get to understand it more by listening to their provocative ideas, all of which are cramped in this audiobook!


It is always nice to know what is going on with our technology. No matter how innovative we could get, we need to set that fine line between order and chaos. If you are into futurism, make sure to listen to this list of the best AI and Robot audiobooks in 2020. They can help you understand artificial intelligences in another perspective, and you may even discover that you have the skills to contribute in their careful production.

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