Finding a book for children can be challenging because there are so many categories. When it comes to kids under nine years old, make sure the book has lots of pictures. When it comes to those aged nine to 12, you might want a bit of storytelling too. Luckily, 2019 has brought in plenty of releases, but here are the best childrens books 2019.

A Most Peculiar Toy Factory by Alex Bell

Suitable for kids older than nine, Alex Bell's book tells an amazing story. Readers are introduced to a local toy factory that had to be closed. Some of the toys came to life and became aggressive, attacking children. Five years later, the factory is ready to face another adventure. All in all, this story is not just full of suspense, but it also brings in a bit of macabre humor and adventure.

Deeplight by Frances Hardinge

Deeplight is one of the best childrens books 2019 according to reviews and critics. It tells the story of Jelt and Hark – two best friends trying to find magic in any form on a small island. While it looks like a classic adventure for kids, there are a few twists that can even hook adults in. The book is suitable for kids older than 10 – especially those who love a bit of suspense and adventure.

White Fox by Chen Jiatong

Chen Jiatong's White Fox is a story of everything. It is excellent for kids who love animals, as well as those who need some education on nature and conservation. All in all, the book follows Dilah – a white fox cub that faces a tragedy and decides to become human. The reader will follow the cub's adventure in a story full of friendship ideas and conservation issues.

We Are the Beaker Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

Your kid will love this book, which tends to become even better if your little one will read My Mum Tracy Beaker by the same author first. The book is a sequel to the original release. While reading the first one is not a must, it will help. It is covered in all kinds of everyday issues dealt with in a funny and sarcastic way. It is not the actual story that makes the difference, but the way Jacqueline Wilson tells it, making this title one of the best childrens books 2019 – suitable for kids aged 8 or older.

The Somerset Tsunami by Emma Carroll

The Somerset Tsunami is a piece of historical fiction that Emma Carroll's fans are already used to. Basically, you have a book based on the real events that smashed Somerset in the 1600s. Whether it comes to floods or witch trials, the action jumps from one story to another so fast that your kid will barely be able to put the book down. The adventure is female lead and also works as a motivational tool for less confident girls.

A Tiger Like Me by Michael Engler

A Tiger Like Me by Michael Engler

A storytelling of a small cute “tiger”. He tells about his day, what he likes or don't and the most important person's in his life tiger-dad and tiger-mom.

Bottom line, kids are not too picky when it comes to books, but they love great stories. If you can stimulate their imagination or help them learn something, you have done well. These are the best childrens books 2019 and can seriously hook your little one in.

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