For hardcore thriller fans this is the sub-genre we are always looking for. Mind-bending stories, fear, and losing the connection with reality. In terms of movies, we all know the evergreen pieces that defined this genre like Inception, Shutter Island, The Prestige and The Game. Since the emerging days of psychological thrillers, a lot of things changed. New themes came into the picture, and new kinds of story plots are attracting the readers. A sub-genre that is defined by a large number of authors working in it and also by a pre-existing set of expectations and sensibilities.

Well, the last 2 years were great for the lovers of psychological thrillers. In this shortlist we collected the most notable books since this is the first list of psycho thrillers we wanted to show a little bit broader picture about this genre and we still miss a lot of good works here. Now, get ready for goosebumps.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides – Alex proves with this book, that psychological thrillers are more than just some twist in the story. This book has a style, it doesn't really want you to swallow anything, it simply shocks you when you don't really expect anything.

The Silent Ones by K.L. Slater – This book is a thrilling ride with full of twists and turns. The family drama in this book digs deep under your skin. The two girls' story captured us.

Trespassing by Brandi Reeds – Ok, maybe not 2019, it is a 2018 novel, but it is a masterpiece of psychological suspense. A young mother starts a search for his missing husband. Victoria's emotions filled with real pain, dread, craziness, and rejection. The book utilizes shorter chapter length, which makes you wonder all day long “What will happen next?”.

The Accident by Natalie Barelli – It is a well written thriller: fast-paced, strong twists, and memorable characters. At a certain point of the book, we even felt sorry for Katherine. First, you think Katherine is weak character but never find yourself at that position of Kathrine in life. This book surprised us in a good manner.

The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld – Finally a hearth breaking story by Rene Denfeld who is a very popular author in our book club not accidentally. Rene puts us into the sad world of children who are trying to survive their everydays. Hope is a gift in this book, and Rene doesn't want us to lose it.

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

+1 An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen – Jessica takes part in a psychological study to earn some extra cash for her life. When the study starts Jessica begins to question what kind of experiment she has become involved in. Reality becomes blurry and ethic isn't something that has any meaning in this story.

That's it for 2019. If you feel the need to pick up some exciting thrillers in the following weeks or you are just full of the Xmas squish, these books will be a good option for you.