Most people like reading about love stories, and some go for the weird twists of suspense and mystery novels. We all have our own preferences, but let’s be honest, we all know that there is nothing more satisfying than grabbing the edge of your seat whenever you are reading a well-written psychological thriller, right?

Getting a bunch of books in this genre can complete your reading list, and whenever you want to start your collection of them, here are the best psychological thriller books this 2020 to start it out!

The Cry of the Lake, by Charlie Tyler

While she was six years old, Lily suddenly found something interesting by the lake near their house. Surprised and excited to meet the new “mermaid” friend she suddenly found, she rushes into the shallow waters only to find out that it is actually a dead body. Being a young girl with a sharp memory, Lily locks the sight within her mind, and she carries this terrible secret all the way to her adulthood.

Years later, Lily becomes best friends with Flo, a charismatic girl who seems quite simple whenever you look at her. However, things take a dark turn when Flo’s dad gets accused of murdering a schoolgirl, and this event triggers Lily’s past that keeps on haunting her. Will she be able to suppress the cry of the lake, or will the best friends be able to solve this horrifying mystery together?

Miracle Uprising by Blair James Steward

The book is originally published independently in 2017 but it received an update in 2020.

The story is about a boy that has to face multiple battles in his teenage life. Forbidden love and facing with actual warfare is just part of his life, but his biggest challenge he needs to face is the internal battle. A mental illness is defines his everyday life. This book is the biography of the protagonist, a boy who is just seeking for understanding and relief.

The author wrote this book during the worst years of his life and this story helped him to cope with depression and the traumatic past, it was his escape from the real world. The book uses a lot of characteristics of high fantasy books. If you want to dig into the rabbit hole, this psychological thriller is definitely a unique choice.

The End of the Day, by Bill Clegg

This book is the perfect portrayal of how a significant event in a single day can unleash a ripple effect that could last for years. If you are fortunate enough to do good deeds in your life, then you can expect a long-lasting peace within your latter years. However, for the characters’ cases in this book, their past lives will haunt them soon enough when a single man discovers a collapsed body on a hotel floor.

By the end of the day, will you be able to release yourself from those horrible secrets, or will you let the years go by, only to find them coming back to you in the most dreadful way possible? Read on and discover the secrets these seemingly disconnected people are about to introduce to you!

His & Hers, by Alice Feeney

This book is one of the most intriguing reads you will ever find, and thanks to Alice Feeney’s surprising twists around every corner, you will certainly find yourself questioning the events you just witnessed in the middle of the night!

As a woman gets murdered in a secluded British village, Anna Andrews (newsreader) does not want to cover the case because of her personal reasons. However, when Jack Harper (detective) gets suspicious of Anna’s involvement, he snoops around to look for clues, that is until he becomes a suspect on his own investigation. With all the lies bursting all over the place, how will these two dig out the secrets that are circulating around them?

The Golden Cage, by Camilla Läckberg

Ever since they were both students in business school, Faye and Jack have loved each other with all their hearts. Jack grew up in a rich family, while Faye had to work hard to bury her dark past. With Jack’s business growing continuously in the field, Faye decided to quit school and help him by waitressing during the day and strategizing by night.

As the lovely couple has a baby, Faye suddenly finds herself staying at home all the time and neglecting her duties in the business world. It also doesn’t help when she finds out that her husband is having an affair. Filled with fury and vengeance, Faye decides to resurrect her dark past and give Jack the treatment he truly deserves.

Utopia Avenue, by David Mitchell

If you are a fan of autobiographies, this book is kind of like that, except that it’s all about the hit band Utopia Avenue! What? You’ve never heard of this band in your life? Well, it’s a good thing that you have access to this book, because within this excellent read by David Mitchell, you will enjoy the life and times of the bands’ members during their entertaining yet mysterious journey. Feel the vibe of their music as they unravel the world’s maddening whispers within their ears, one page at a time.

The Wife Who Knew Too Much, by Michele Campbell

Connor Ford is the type of guy that will definitely sweep you off your feet, and that is justifiable, because there are actually two Mrs. Fords that came into his life. The first Mrs. Ford was a beautiful and accomplished woman, and she is already enjoying her life with a younger man. However, along with a surprising turn of events, she is now dead.

The second Mrs. Ford is a waitress from a small town. She is now married to the man she had a summer romance with from 10 years ago, and her life went uphill ever since they got together. How is this possible, though? Find out the surprising timeline of events in this amazing thriller, and let Michele Campbell take you on an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Good Marriage, by Kimberly McCreight

As Lizzie Kitzakis is working one late night, she suddenly gets a call from an old friend that wants her help as a federal prosecutor. Zach Grayson’s wife, Amanda, suddenly turns up dead on the bottom of their stairs, and Zach turns out to be the primary suspect.

With the current negative state of Lizzie’s marriage to her husband, will she be able to assist this old friend in time of need? Discover the terrible secrets and haunting mysteries that their group of friends are hiding from each other all along in this fantastic thriller novel!

The Guest List, by Lucy Foley

Within the beautiful sceneries of Ireland, a lovely couple is having the perfect day celebrating their wedding. With their loving friends and family around, they could ask for nothing more. However, things took a dark turn when their guest list was modified, because a dead person suddenly showed up within their premises. How will they be able to solve this surprising turn of events? Read on as the bride, the best man, the plus one, the wedding planner, and the bridesmaid find their way on fixing a horrifying wedding experience.

The Silent Daughter, by Claire Amarti

The author's best seller novel is a women's psychological thriller.

Sadie Kelly lost her best friend, Fiona, in high school and still hasn't fully recovered from the loss. Fast forward to present day, Sadie has just lost her job at the reputable Horton College and is living with Fiona's mother. She's having trouble finding a new work due to the circumstances of her job loss and has turned to Benzos to help her cope. On top of all that, one of her former students from Horton College has just went missing, and Sadie has a personal tie to the missing girl's father.

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Every once in a while, it’s nice to tickle your mind for a bit and enjoy the well-written puzzles of books in this genre even if these books could be a little bit dark! With this list of the best psychological thriller books this 2020, you will surely find the perfect book that can pique your interests and leave you up all night.