How Organizations Can Optimize the Opportunities of Web3 and AI?

The metaverse is so much more than just a technology and immersive experience. Join digital visionary and global platform innovation expert David Palmer on this exciting journey exploring the metaverse and its myriad commercial, impact and career opportunities for business.

The Business of Metaverse outlines the building blocks for success in the metaverse and how organizations can effectively position themselves to transition and benefit from it. It presents a unique framework showing how different components of the metaverse and the physical worlds can come together, providing a basis for strategic positioning for different sectors and industries and equipping readers with valuable insights into how they can anticipate and navigate key opportunities and challenges.

Delving into this new world with embedded immersive capabilities, it explores what metaverse business entities could look like, the new business models in waiting and how businesses can gain competitive advantage through the power of interoperability. Taking a panoramic approach to opportunity, it examines the wide-ranging transformative impacts that the metaverse can bring to the business landscape, from equality and inclusive impact, new work and career paths and digital identities to new digital and data currencies in the metaverse economy.

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