Message from the author:
“I wrote this book as a way to help others on their life path through my own experience. It falls under fiction but is based in truth – although written as a story. From feedback so far, The Caduceus touches people and brings comfort and insight to readers as they experience life. It is a story, but a deep story, and I hope my words will carry the reader to a softer, more hopeful place.”
Lucie Dudley

England 1600s – An old woman is stoned to death for witchcraft

1800s – A young girl is incarcerated in a mental asylum

Present day – An evening of past-life regression sees single mother, Dinah, going back through time to find herself as Flora, an innocent and ethereal girl living in late-nineteenth century England. Flora has found true love with a local farmworker, but her peaceful world is about to be shattered by the appearance of a menacing and unwanted suitor. She is in fear for her life.

Shaken by the experience, and feeling restless and bored, Dinah decides it is time for change. She prays for assistance and finds herself guided to the mysterious market town of Porrick – only to find the people she meets there are all strangely familiar…

The Caduceus speaks of bringing balance to the opposing forces within – shadow and light, masculine and feminine, good and evil. Originating in Ancient Egypt, it says that only by balancing our internal worlds will we achieve harmony externally.


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