A memoir of a parents fight to save their child

Personal message from the author:
“I wrote this book as an inspiration to other parents of premature babies. A lot of doctors will tell you all the negatives of what premature babies go through and highlight all their conditions that make parents lose hope. My book has my story of real life events that changed the lives of my wife and I forever. How we struggled and stayed by our son through it all his medical events, where we never gave up.”
— Manuel Barbery

There is no greater masterpiece than to see the work of two people in love. Together two people brought into this world a beautiful baby boy not knowing the hardships and perilous endeavors they both would face. It was one night that changed our lives forever. Our baby was born early at 23 weeks. Doctors had introduced us into a world that was unknown to my wife and I. The baby underwent extensive care and many traumatic events that will inspire you to have hope when all seems lost. This is our story of the strength of our son, the faith we had for him, and the love that brought us all together.

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