A personal message from the author:

As I loved the series Downton Abbey and am interested in interpersonal relationships this inspired me to write the novel.

— Annette Creswell

Just before the start of World War II, Peggy Davis, a London midwife, has a chance encounter with a stranger that changes her life forever.When Peggy meets Charles, a wealthy lord as she boards a bus in front of Harrods department store, fate casts them together. When Charles’ wife, Diana, and first child die in childbirth, Peggy and Charles are thrust into a relationship of happiness, sorrow and unexpected tragedy. They ultimately marry, have a son and adopt an east end refugee boy from London.What transpires is a web of family dramas a la Downton Abbey with lesbian relationships, Nazi sympathizers and family secrets revealed as Peggy attempts to navigate through her new life from midwife to lady of the manor.

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