It was a bizarre weekend for Leroy.
A concert with the girl of his dreams. Helping his friend break the law.
Then he fell into the demonic void.

A personal message from the author:

Have you ever had one of those stories that was just stuck in your head? The lingering characters and plot points that simply refused to be left behind and forgotten?

Over the past decade or so, I have had my fair share of stories and book ideas that have come and gone but this one, The Demon of Avalon, always stuck with me. After finishing college, I decided it was time to get that story out of my head and on to paper (only took 4 years to do so, but, you know, semantics.)

Now, all I can hope is that I have created a story that will get stuck in your head almost as much as it had with me.

–T. Vincent Detmer

The endless abyss was not empty, much to Leroy’s terror. A woman's voice calls out to him and warns him that he is in danger. When he turns 18 in two months, his father will come for a visit.

Leroy never knew his father. How could him visiting be a bad thing? Turns out his father is the Demon Emperor and Leroy is a powerful demon that may as well be a time-bomb with a rapidly ticking countdown.

His life in the city of Choran had been normal, depressing as all hell considering his mother died when he was six and his father was never around, but normal all the same. Suddenly, right at the end of his senior year, he finds out that he is a demon, his two closest friends, Yuri and Sabrina, are meta-humans, and they need his help to avoid getting caught.

All this in the same week he finally lands a date with Holly. Some guys just have all of the luck, but that was never the case for Leroy.

You will not want to miss out on this exciting YA urban fantasy novel that is a highschool romantic comedy with a dash of saving the universe, no pressure for Leroy.