Saamyah Anne Cambell is a former special agent of the FBI, now a detective with local law enforcement. She absconds Texas for a temporary duty assignment in Florida to cope better with familial losses. Thrust into a new environment, cantankerous partner, and mystifying case, Saamyah soon realizes that the very agony she was running from is ultimately the same torment she is running to.

Bryan Terrell Russell has been a lone detective with local law enforcement since the resignation of his career-long partner. Accustomed to come, go, and do as he please, the assignment of a new partner is not only inconvenient for him, but also uncomfortable. Torn between the desire to be right and the obligation to do the right thing, Bryan must strategically balance personal sacrifices and professional gains.

Together they must rise above their differences to halt a sadistic sex offender. In a race against time, hot-temperaments, egos, and pride, the quest to discover the devil in the details is no easy feat—particularly when one partner believes that the truth sets one free and the other never felt captive to lie.

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