Have you ever questioned why Christianity is so hard at times, or why those on the other side of the fence look like they’re having so much more fun? Have you ever wondered how much you could get away with, and still go to heaven? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There’s nothing to hide—we all think like this at some point or another.

The DNA of a Christian Soul mirrors the poetic rhythms of the Psalms. Its language will resonate with your soul, transforming the holy of holies into something digestible, tangible, and relatable, and giving a voice to the often-unspoken frustrations and bewilderments of the Christian life. It articulates the thoughts you thought only you had, allowing your mind to finally exhale as you realize that other Christians find this hard, too. It gives you the blessing to forgive yourself, plus the tools to move on and unravel what is divine and unique about you. It will challenge and excite you, but, above all else, it will give you permission to be your God-given self and to live the life Christ died to give you. Endure and enjoy!

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