The Sky, Earth and Water Book 1

An ancient conflict comes to light once more when an arctic tern crashes into a farm during its annual migration, and with it the estranged Lord of a magical race cursed with corruption and eternal wars. He saves the village from a devastating storm, but farmer Arnel isn't convinced of his goodness.

His daughter Illa wants to believe that a righteous destiny is in store to be fulfilled. After much debate, they depart on a journey to seek out the Empress of the Seers to learn of his fate, joined at various stages by Emiel the woodworker, Costin the pillager and Sade of the seer race. On the way, they encounter circumstances they would never dream of and foes too dangerous to defeat on their own… But they are going to be the least of their concerns when their morality and trust in one another become the ultimate test.

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