Personal message from the author:
“The book was designed to become aware of and rediscover this gift present within us.”
— Toni Mass

You may have been pulled in by the title of the book, but if you are in a relationship, or even if you are starting out, knowing what all of the emotions do within a relationship help you to realize the significance of the cuddle. It's everything. It means everything, but there are other facets to a relationship that people give very little attention to.

This book was written to help people in troubled relationships to find out the source of that trouble and to fix it. It was also written as an ideal gift for people getting married or getting into a serious relationship because the little things that you take for granted at the beginning of a relationship can sour. However, they don't have to. If you know how to keep the relationship vibrant and happy, then there's no reason why it should.

The attention is in detail. The cuddles, the caresses, the respect, and mutual admiration go hand in hand with other facets to mean the difference between a relationship that works and one that doesn't.

  • You will learn all about how to treat the one you love you will learn the significance of touch and cuddles
  • You will learn all about the healing power of cuddles
  • In fact, you will learn all of the facets that help a couple to heal

Just as this information may be relevant to those starting out, it can also help those in established relationships where there seem to be areas of dissatisfaction. We forget as we get older, how important emotions are, and the role that they play in our wellbeing. You will also learn from the book how to address issues in the best way and make your relationship shine.

If you think that you know perfect couples in life who have everything in the world they could want, perhaps you haven't dug further into the relationship to find out if that's actually true. However, instead of looking at other people's examples of how a relationship should work, with the use of this book, you can create your own criteria and consequently learn where your relationship is failing or where it is weak. With this knowledge, you can gradually piece the jigsaw back together again and start out with a new attitude toward the person you love. It will enhance your life, and it applies to every couple on earth.

I hope that the journey we take together will help you to see the positive side of your relationship and help you to celebrate it. More and more people are staying married these days, as opposed to the old statistics of divorce being on the rise. But you don't have to stop courting the moment you have a wedding ring on your finger. Keep your relationship vibrant and filled with love by reading the book and finding out what you can do to firm up any skills you believe you lack in. Even your partner may profit from reading the book, as cuddles, caresses, and joy together help to cement relationships and make them pass the test of time.


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